Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cameron is ROLLING OVER!!!

I forgot to mention this in the post about the shots. I told the doc that he has been rolling from his belly to his back and she kinda looked at me like I was a typical proud parent. Like it was a one time fluke kinda thing. Well to prover her wrong and since he is already a mama's boy, he rolled over while he was on the exam table!! TOLD YOU SO DOCTOR!!!!!! That's what you get for doubting me!

Oh and by the way, full term babies don't even start rolling until 4 months OK? I'm just saying!!!! hahahaha

A little change never hurt anyone right?

You will notice that I changed the background and layout of our blog. I just got bored with the old one and I am not sure why! So somehow while I was updating this I got into the Gator mode and made everything Orange and Blue. I think it's because we are getting excited for the upcoming season! I hope everyone likes the new layout, although I am sure there are a few of you who won't!!

We got shots today- YUCKIE!!!

The boys had their 2mth check up today and they had to have some shots! They did surprisingly well with them in my opinion! Both let out a big scream and then they were fine. That's kinda how I feel when I have shots!! We split up the "cocktail" of shots. They are supposed to have 6 and the doctor wanted to do them all but I wasn't having it! They say that there is no scientific proof of a link between vaccinations and autism but I say why chance it if we don't have to right?? So we get to go back in 2 weeks for the rest of the cocktail.

Carter weighed in at 9lbs and Cameron at 8lbs. Now keep in mind that technically they are only 5 days old!! That is if they were full term. So with the corrected age Carter is in the 90th percentile and Cameron in the 70th. Cameron has some eating to do it looks like!!

Speaking of eating, I hear a baby screaming!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

WubbaNub update

They work.... enough said!!

Out to the Outlets today!

And man was it friggin hot!!!! Bad idea to build outdoor shopping in Florida! But they have some great stores but we were all to damn hot to go in and try anything on!! haha! I met my brother, sister in-law and nephew down there this morning after mulling over whether or not to go or not. I literally think I slept a total of 1 hour combined last night. Somehow they got off schedule really bad and it threw off our whole night. That is sooooo awful when that happens with 2 babies. I knew I was screwed when Cameron started screaming at 12:30am instead of 2:30am! But back to the adventure at the outlets. We got a few things at the Carter's outlet but that's about it. I really wanted to buy a big Coach purse to use as a purse/diaper bag but just can't justify the expense right now with everything that's going on! But I might just have to pop back down there in a few weeks if I can't find anything better. The boys did great as usual. Slept and didn't make a peep until we were a block away from the house. They were starving I am sure!

It's getting a little easier for me to leave the house alone now. I swear I never thought I would leave until they were like 5 years old but I have to get out....mama is gonna go crazy in the house all day! We got a few choice comments about twins, and for some reason everyone seems compelled to tell you their own twins story whether they are a twin, or their mom is a twin and so on! I actually had a clerk at the coach store ask me if I was breastfeeding which is a bit personal to ask a stranger don't ya think? I said no, it was to hard to keep up when they came home and she then proceeded to lecture me about breastfeeding. Ok lady, heard it a thousand times and I really don't need to hear it from you ok?? And no, that's not what I said but I wanted to!! haha!

Oh and our WubbaNubs came in the mail today finally!! Our friend Jen turned me onto these neat little contraptions. They are little beanie baby type stuffed animals attached to the pacifier to help keep the pacifier in the baby's mouth. So far they have been sleeping since the mail came so no report on if they actually work for the boys but none the less I am quite thrilled to have them!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Hi, my name is Cameron and this guy behind me is my brother Carter. Great to meet you"

This picture looks like Cameron is reaching out to shake someones hand. Cracks me up!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our first adventure "OUT"

Ok, so the babies have been to the doctor and over to Uncle Alan's house but we had never gone "OUT" to an actual store until today. Now before you go and give me big props for being brave and actually doing this alone I have to confess that Stephanie came with me. We had an eye appointment for the boys to make sure they did not have Retinopathy of Prematurity which occurs in preemies and can cause lazy eye and stuff like that. Good news.. no ROP! But after the appointment we decided to go to WAlmart of all places. I know what your thinking, could have gone anywhere and I pick Walmart?? It actually went pretty well. The boys were exhausted from the eye doctor who had to dilate their little tiny eyeballs so they slept the entire day! UNTIL I drop Steph off at her house and they then proceed to scream bloody murder the entire way home. Good thing Steph lives close by or else we would have been in trouble.
My next step is to go out alone but don't hold your breath for that to happen any time soon!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

New Kids on the Block

Yes I know this has nothing to do with babies but we got our NKOTB tickets today!! YAY!! The concert is not until November and already I am planning my outfit. I kinda like something like this picture. Especially the acid washed jeans and the billabong jacket! Maybe I should consult with my cousin Amanda who is seen getting into the limo with me (yes we took a limo to the NKOTB concert in 1990). I just have to have those black glasses to complete my outfit!


This picture cracks me up!! It's like he just saw a ghost!! Maybe it was the giant hand and pacifier coming at him!! hehehe

Out for a stroll

I had to take a picture of us taking a walk because the size of my stroller is sometimes mind boggling to me. How am I ever going to go anywhere alone????
The boys like the walk and being outside. They seem to fall asleep every time we go. It's nice to finally be able to start exercising again! But when I tried to do some sit-ups it was quite a shock. It was like I had no stomach muscles anymore! I have a lot of work to do to get this last bit of weight off but I am hell bent on doing it!!! I don't want to have to buy new clothes...booo!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Date night!

Daryl and I got our first date night without the boys tonight! Our friends Ashley and Mark got married tonight and it was a beautiful wedding!! We got to see a lot of old co-workers/friends which was so great! The Rallo's came over to baby sit! Even Hanah pitched in to help! I posted some pics for your viewing pleasure. We even managed to get a picture of our "last drink" of the night!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

First day home alone

Today was mine and the boys first official day home alone. Daryl was off all of last week and his family has been here all of this week until this morning. They were a big help!
So far it has not been that bad. The only snag we ran into was when they both woke up at 3pm for feeding at the same exact time. That rarely happens and every time it has happened there has been someone here to take one or the other. Well not today! I just had to laugh because I actually tried to feed them at the same time and let me say that did not work. I just had to listen to one wale at the top of his lungs while the other ate peacefully. I had no choice!!
I should be laying down catching some zzz's but here I am on the computer posting on a blog. Some people never learn do they!! hehe!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Umm, I think we have a small problem

Now I can't tell for sure but it looks to me that Cameron (in the green) does not like his Gator rattle. I really hope this does not mean that he will be an Alabama fan instead of a Gator fan! I won't stand for that!!!!

We finally got some sleep!!! AMEN!

Daryl's mom, sister and nephew are here this week helping out tremendously! They are eager to stay up at night with the boys and believe me, we have no problem letting them have at it!! Last night was the first time I can say I actually slept good. I did get up with the boys around 2am until around 3:30am but I can handle that! The boys are now sleeping in their own room instead of the bassinet in our room. It is working out pretty well I suppose. It just stinks to walk up the stairs at 2am when you are completely out of it. It is inevitable that I will fall down the stairs before its all said and done! Apparently the pregnant brain lasts well after you deliver! Maybe it's because you sleep about 3-4 hours a day instead of the coveted 8hours that I used to get.... I know, call the waaaambulance!!

The great food chain

We have some wonderful friends!! Last week our "BPC" (back porch crew) started a food chain for us! It started with homemade chicken pot pie from the Rallo's with a personalized message on it. We made it thru the whole week without having to cook anything at all which was such a blessing! Thanks to all who helped us out!

FINALLY some new pics of the little Richburgs

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