Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cake Smashing

I apologize for the long video but I just couldn't take anything out of this! It's too cute and way too funny to leave anything out!

Happy Birthday Cameron and Carter!!!!

Wow where has the time gone? What an amazing year we have had at the Richburg house with these boys! They both continue to amaze me everyday and I am very lucky to be their mommy!

Well no birthday would be complete around these parts without a big blowout! We had all kinds of friends and family come over to celebrate on Saturday. Daryl's family even came in from Alabama which was a very nice treat! The boys got lots of very cool stuff! From clothes to games to patio furniture and toys...they made out like bandits!
We also had matching outfits with shirts that said birthday boy on them but you will see in the pics that the outfit was quickly changed after Cam decided to get rid of his lunch just before the party started...all over his shirt:( It never fails with those two!

The cake smashing was by far my favorite moment of the day! They were none to thrilled to be wearing birthday hats as you will see on the video and in the pictures. But once they got a little taste of that cake...oh boy did they go to town. Carter was all about some cake and Cam was more about the icing! It was great!! Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us:)

You can see all of the pictures on the shutterfly share site. Link over to the right of the page (

Happy 1st Birthday boys!! We love you:)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Early Birthday to MEEEE!!!

As many of you know, birthdays are kind of a big deal to people in my family....mostly me!!! And since my children decided to come into the world just 3 DAYS after MY birthday you could kind of say my thunder is pretty much stolen as far as birthdays go from here on out!! BUT... I am totally fine with that...they deserve all the thunder from now on.

So all week long my family has been asking me what I wanted to do for my birthday and I really didn't have anything special in mind since my focus is on the boys birthday next week. After much him-hawing around we finally decided to go to dinner tonight at our good friends new Italian restaurant..BaCCos. It is delicious!! The boys were all about the spaghetti tonight! We made a HUGE mess but it was worth it:)

Our new swing set

For the boys upcoming birthday we decided to build a swing set in the backyard. Now it's more of a frame with 2 swings on it but close enough to a swing set in my book. The boys love to swing everytime we go to the park so I thought it would be nice to have it in my backyard rather than having to go the park everytime! They seemed to enjoy it a lot when we got home tonight as did Daryl and myself.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What us, afraid of a bathtub....Naaaahhhh!!!

I posted a few weeks ago about our issues with the big bathtub transition. Well looks like the boys worked through those issues and can now happily bathe, and bathe together I might add! Tonight was the first time we put the boys in the bath together and man what a difference! They loved it and it saved me a little time as well. WE got a few pics but of course getting them to both look at the camera at the same time is darn near impossible anymore!

I didn't do it mom!!

Look how guilty this kid looks!! Cameron's new trick is emptying out the toy basket in the play area. FUN for me!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our Easter Bunny Adventure

Well lets just say Santa is way cooler than the Easter bunny for these boys apparently! They cried as soon as we sat them down on the bunny's lap. They worked through it though and we managed to get a pic of them not crying. Well Cam is fighting the cry and Carter is just, well, just there! hahah!! Those little personalities keep growing and shining through with each day!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our first Easter Egg Hunt....sorta!!

The twins group that I am involved with had their annual Spring party today and the boys got to enjoy their first Easter egg hunt, if that's what you call it!! The babies just sat and played with the eggs but it was still really cute! The pictures are too funny. The boys weren't too sure what to think of it all. I think they had a good time though but you can see towards the end that it was starting to wear on them!

Here are just a few pics. you can see the rest on the shutterfly share site. (link on the right column)

Friday, April 3, 2009

My worst moment of motherhood so far:(

I know there will be many more harrowing times as a mother. Times where your heart breaks into little tiny pieces when your baby is hurt or sick but yesterday was one of the worst moments for me so far.

We took Cameron in for his EEG test at the Neurologist. This was to rule out the seizure question, and to make sure there wasn't something else going on to trigger his little random head movements. The poor guy had to be sedated a little, not put under, just a little sleep drug (step above Benadryl apparently). I think it made him so sleepy that it just pissed him off. So we get into the test room and he is already screaming as the tech is placing 24 electrodes on his tiny little noggin and I am having to hold him down. He was so terrified. When she finally got them all on she had to wrap his head with gauze which made him look a baby Frankenstein to be quite honest. Once the testing started, she flashed this really bright light a bunch of times and that really upset him. How would you feel in a pitch black room with this huge fluorescent light flashing in your eyes? That's when I lost it. It all became too much for me and I literally cried for 30 minutes! He finally fell asleep and i still layed there with him with tears running down my face. My poor little baby was so upset and there was nothing I could do for him.

The good news is that we did not hear from them yesterday. The tech told us if the doc saw something we would know that very moment. So no news is good news in our case.