Monday, August 25, 2008

My big boys

We had a good 4mth check up today. Carter is weighing in at 14lbs 9oz and Cameron 13lbs 8oz. They have been a pound apart basically since the day they were born. The doctor assures me that this is pretty normal with twins and eventually they will even out. Carter might have viral pink eye...poor guy. His eye has been watering a lot and now its getting a little goopy in the corner. She gave us some drops for that. We also had our 4mth vaccinations today. NOT FUN by myself. The nurse had to help me console them afterwards. All I could do is laugh because they both gave me this really strange bird-like cry. Kinda like a "ka ka ka". I know it sounds weird but it was funny... you had to be there!

On a not so good note, we have to go and have xrays done on their hips. When the doctor was checking their hips and legs they both fussed quite a bit as she tried to manipulate the leg with the hip socket. Apparently you should be able to push their little legs all the way down and out with no problems. She said she would rather be safe than sorry so xrays here we come. I guess when a baby is breech you see this problem more than a baby who was not breech. And to be honest I have no idea who was breech and who was not because every time I had an u/s it was different! If there is a problem with their little hips they will have to wear a brace of some kind. I don't really know too much about it as she was pretty vague and I really don't want to worry if we don't need to. But I will keep you posted!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

4 Months Old Today!

The boys are 4 months old today and getting so big! We have our 4 month check up tomorrow and I am very anxious to see how much they both weigh now.

The nights are getting better now too. We have been trying to get in good sleeping habits now so as they get older they stick (one can dream right?) We have been putting them down between 8p-9p and they have been sleeping great. Sometimes they will go 7 hours with no interruptions other times 4-5 it just varies. We are still eating at some point in the night whether it be midnight or 2 am but they are going right back to sleep and not waking until close to 6 am. If I could only convince them how much better 7am would be for mommy! hehe!!

These pictures were taken right after our nightime bath. Thier P.J.s look so cozy, too bad they don't make them for adults!

One plate of baby, coming right up

We went out to dinner on Saturday night with my Dad, Alan, April and my nephew Hayden. After trying several different places in Altamonte we ended up at a great Italian restaurant named Positano's. We have been going to this restaurant for years at their other location in West Orlando. The food was GREAT!! Not on my diet but hey what can you do.
The boys are starting to be a little higher maintenance when we go out these days. I am sure it's cause they are getting older and I was kinda preparing myself for it. The picture just made me laugh when I handed Carter over to Daryl so I could finish my meal, Daryl plops him on top of the table like he is the main course. Ughh, MEN!!

Daryl's very own "Mini-Me's"

Well there is no need to call the Maury Povich show now. Daryl, YOU ARE THE FATHER!! (only kidding everyone)

Helping Daddy

Carter loves to sit in Daryl's lap while he is working on his computer.

What a life

Murphy loves his baby brothers, especially Carter when he is sleeping in Murphy's spot. Oh and please ignore the stains on my couch compliments of babies!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Excuse me, Can you tell me where the shuffleboard court is please?"

He looks like he should be living at a retirement home in Miami! hahaha!!

Hanging at the Pool

My friends Heather and Margaret, who are Delta Flight Attendants as well, had a long layover in Orlando yesterday so the boys and I went down to their hotel to hang by the pool with them all day! Of course my lazy babies slept the entire time so it was a nice relaxing day for me. It was sooooo hot outside and we were out in the thick of it. I got a little sun so I am no longer transparent thank the lord! Enjoy the pics!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My little Ladies Man in training

Carter was quite the charmer last night with all the ladies at my Dad's party. He made Daryl very proud. I also got a better shot of him smiling this time since he felt left out of the other pictures with Cameron and his big smiles!