Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boys will be boys

One of the many ways the boys are interacting these days....when Daddy does things to egg them on!!

Blogging Slacker

I just read an email from my grandmother saying she hasn't seen any pictures since Mothers Day. Well I am taking the "clue" and adding some pics!! I have slacked on my blog the last couple of weeks. We have been pretty busy since the last update on Mothers Day. Last week was pretty miserable around here with all the rain and it has rained everyday for like 10 days now. But now we are in our afternoon thunderstorm pattern so at least we can go out in the morning and have some fun! We had a good memorial day weekend but I ate way too many hot dogs and burgers. WE had 3 cookouts to attend in a 4 day period...I am over cookouts for a while!

The boys had their 13mth bday on Sunday of last week. They are both able to stand alone now. It's funny to watch because it almost seems like they don't realize they are doing it and once they do they don't know what to do with themselves and end up sitting down. Carter has been taking a few steps at a time but only if he is walking to me. He doesn't really do it with Daddy too much. That is a another issue in itself. We think Carter is well...becoming a bit of a Mama's Boy!! He is allllll about me lately. I mean I think it's sweet but I don't think Daryl is taking too much of a liking to it! Both boys are saying "mama" and "dada" now and doing a lot of imitation "babble"!! Cameron is clapping and waving but Carter looks at you like you are crazy when you clap at him. They have also started really interacting with each other a lot. They like to chase each other around the house with balls and bowls. They crack up when the other is coming towards them and then one of them will crawl the other direction really's sooo cute!

Here are a few shots from yesterday. Yes now I can only get them to sit still together if they have toys to play with!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some more pics from the day

Just a couple of pics from Mother's Day

Happy Mothers Day...a look back...

I had a wonderful Mothers Day thanks to Daryl and the boys. It started on Saturday when we went to get my new flash for my camera along with some other fun stuff. Then Sunday, I woke up to homemade breakfast would have been in bed but I can't sleep past 7am for some reason. Then later in the afternoon we headed over to my mom's house to celebrate with her and float around in the pool. The boys are loving the pool now. They love splashing around and playing "jump" with mommy or Daddy. Daddy is a little more daring than mommy but isn't that how its supposed to be?

This time last year the boys were still in the NICU and now look at them....WOW!!! Oh and you will have to excuse the picture of me from this year....I had just gotten out of the pool and was going with the au natural look! LOL!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Our first "DIP"

And it went very well! It's funny to think that this is the first time the boys have been in a pool but last summer I didn't feel comfortable putting them in the water without good head control. Plus they were just so darn small and the thought of getting in a bathing suit at that point was nauseating to me..haha!! (well it still is but I am getting over it)
We had a little crying in the beginning as I expected but after a few minutes they really got into it and seemed to enjoy it! Carter was so funny because he kept kicking his little legs around trying to "swim"!!

Cameron stands alone!!!

So last night as I was sitting on the computer I hear this shriek from Daryl calling my name out. He hit a note that I wasn't aware he had in his voice range. Scared the living crap out of me!! I jump up from the computer and run to the stairs only for Daryl to show me that Cam was standing all by himself! I was so amazed! He did it a few times so I grabbed my camera thinking he wouldn't do it again because that's usually what happens...I swear they know when I am filming...and sure enough he did it again! Wow my big boy!!!