Sunday, March 28, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Just some fun in the backyard

The weather is FINALLY warming up around these parts! Which to me is just crazy to say because hello it's Florida right? Well apparently we have had the coldest March on record and trust was! WE are back into the high 70s now and the boys are loving our backyard time! Mom loves it to except that I have to "scoop" the yard before we go out everyday. (two dogs with lots of bodily waste).

This is where we sit out and watch the airplanes, listen to our neighbors (lol) and watch the birds fly over! They are definitely outdoors men in training. (that will make Daryl's family very happy)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Knock Knock....anyone here?

WOW is all I can say!! No update in almost 2 months? I am sooo ashamed!! You know what the biggest problem with my blog is now? It has toooo much competition! Between the boys, buying a house and my work picking up I just don't have any free time to "blog"!! I feel horrible about it actually. This blog has been such a great way to chronicle the boys lives over the last two years and slowly but surely it's getting less and less "updates". I want to be better, no I will be better about it! I swear!

I really don't even know where to begin really because it's been so long! So I will just give you a run down of the things we have been doing lately!

March has been full of birthday party after birthday party! And most of them have been twin birthdays so that has meant double gifts! Not to worry though, I budgeted for the month of March a long time ago! We have been insanely busy just about every weekend! If we didn't have a party to go to I had a photo shoot or something! That's actually been great because the business is really kicking into gear and I am just thrilled!

The downside to running a photography business is my picture taking of my own kids has really dwindled! I mean BADLY!! It's awful and you would think I would use them as models for practice, and don't get me wrong I do, but just not near enough! I think the last pics I took was in February!! GASP!!!!

The boys are growing and it's happening waaayy to fast! The personalities are constantly changing and shining through! Their vocabulary is also growing everyday. WE are onto two word phrases now so that's good! I get a lot of "Was that" or if you ask Carter where his brother is he points to Cam and says "Rite derr" (aka right there). They also love to say "I see" whenever they see something! They love dogs and point out every dog we see. They are obsessed with the airplanes that fly over the house but they still can't say that one yet. I get a tongue twisted version of it so it just comes out like a spit!

They are still in love with all thing Thomas the Train but not as obsessed as they were back around December. (Thank God!!)

We have done lot's of new activities over the past month or so including a local puppet show which the boys really enjoyed! They really like going to the store now and they want to ride in the carts, not the stroller! Which is fine because I am sooo over lugging a stroller around!

We are also getting ready for their second birthday party! How is that possible? Ugh! We are doing a Mickey Mouse theme since we will also be taking the boys to Disney for the first time the day before their birthday!

On a family side note we have found a house and are set to close on April 30th! We are soooo excited! So if you think I was bad about blogging recently just wait until we actually get the keys to the house and move in. You can imagine we will be spending every waking moment fixing and redoing the house!

That's about it for now. I have a ton of videos that I am going to try and get uploaded sometime this week or weekend! They are hilarious and I'm sure you will enjoy!