Sunday, February 24, 2008


We have spent the entire day packing up for our move on Friday. And I just have to say that packing is miserable!! The worst room to pack by far has to be the kitchen. I am covered in ink from the newspaper. And why is it that every time I move, I seem to have more stuff than the last time. GRRRRR!!!! And the fact that I am pregnant really throws a wrench into this too. I am starting to feel the effects of being on my feet for too long, or moving in the wrong direction. Bending is an issue too when your gut sticks out so far that you really can't bend. I don't like having physical limitations- its very frustrating when you are used to being able to do things for yourself. I keep having to ask Daryl to grab this, or pick that up or reach that. (that part is kinda nice!! hehe)

This will be the 12th time that I have moved in the last 10 years. There is something seriously wrong with that!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Updated bedding.

Well as shocking as it may seem, I have changed my mind about the bedding. I came across this set and Daryl and I both like it better. And it also helps that it costs a lot less than the other one! Here is a pic

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Picture of our Crib and Changing Table

Here is a pic of our Crib, changing table and the baby bedding we are getting incase anyone is interested. The crib and changing table were a gift from Daryl's sister. We are ordering the bedding this week!! Yay!

Moving back to Orlando!!! Yay!

We are moving back to Orlando in 2 weeks!! I am so excited! And so is everyone else (well, in Orlando not so much in Atlanta) Daryl was able to get a transfer with his job and I can live anywhere with my job. We really need to be close to family with the twins coming. I could have managed one on my own up here but not two! We will be very busy in the upcoming few weeks.

Daryl's family came up from Alabama on Friday to visit. They also brought us our Crib and changing table. So I am really looking forward to getting settled in Orlando and FINALLY starting our nursery. I feel so behind on everything!

Also we celebrated Daryl's 30th birthday last night with all of our friends from Atlanta! We went to a local tapas bar/resturaunt that has live music called LOCA LUNA. Everyone had a great time! I posted some pics. We are really gonna miss everyone up here.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Possible names for the boys!

Well we "think" we have finally decided on the names of the boys. Now considering how impossible it is for Daryl to make a decision and how incredibly indecisive I am this is kinda big for us. So without further adue........

Cameron and Carter Richburg!
Now dont even think of asking what the middle names will be because we have no clue! We have some frontrunners but havn't really nailed any down just yet.