Thursday, July 30, 2009

Monkey Joe's

We met up with Amber, Steph and all their little ones today at Monkey Joe's. It was the boys first time going and all in all they did pretty well. They were totally content just walking around the place exploring. They weren't in love with the bounce house things but I didn't expect them to really like those too much. Cameron definitely had the best time of the two but Carter seemed to like it for the first 30 minutes then he got overwhelmed by all the other kids running around.
The picture of Carter is just about one of my favorite pictures of him that I have ever taken. Guess he's not into crabs!! LOL!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Getaway and Anniversary Celebration

On Friday we headed over to the West Coast to hang with some of my family and to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary! Daryl and I got to enjoy a very nice dinner at the place where we got married, The Rusty Pelican. It was so nice to go back and see where it all started!! haha!! The weather was perfect and the sunset was amazing...too bad it wasn't that way on our wedding day...grrr!! Oh and our dinner was awesome! They gave us a free dessert to honor our special day too:)
On Saturday we lounged in the pool and had a cookout with everyone. I think the boys stayed in the pool for about 3 hours straight, talk about some pruned up little feet and hands!
Then to top off our lovely weekend we came home in the middle of a huge thunderstorm and right as we walked into the house the power went out for the rest of the afternoon. So since it was so steamy in our house we went outside to play with our new bike trailer and I think I will let you be the judge of how well that went over!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playdate at our house:)

Since it's been sooo hot out lately some of us twin moms have been trying to do more indoor activities. Well with a bunch of toddlers all under the age of 16mths that can be challenging to find so I decided at the last minute to have a little playdate here. My friends Allison and Kristy, both members of the twin club that I am a member of, came over this morning with thier little ones, Chase, Hunter, Morgan and Leighton. So I had a glimpse of what it would be like to have sextuplets....soooo never doing that!! The kids had a great time playing with Murphy and he handled all the toddlers very well! Enjoy the pics:)


Last week Cameron suffered from this lovely viral infection. Basically he had a sudden fever that lasted for a couple of days and was pretty high...102 at one point. Then once the fever broke he then broke out in a rash and that's when I knew this wasn't just teething. It made him a pitiful, clingy and extremely fussy little guy for the entire week. Good news is he's back to himself this week...causing trouble and being a stinker:)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Playdate at the Mall

A few other twin moms and I decided to meet up at the mall today so the little ones could play in the play area. The boys had such a good time! Most playdates we go on, Carter wants to hang all over me and Cameron likes to explore. But today Carter was like...see ya mom...and cruised around all over the place. The only snag was that Cameron kept trying to leave the play area and go "shopping"!! The place got a little crowded so we didn't stay too long, not to mention my fears of someone grabbing one of my boys and me not seeing it! I was paranoid before having kids, but now, oh boy it's borderline crazy paranoid! LOL!
No pics crazy trying to chase all of the kids around!!

Our new chairs...but BETTER!!

So if you saw my post a few weeks back you already know that we found some great PBK knock off chairs. Well I finally got around to having them personalized and they came out GREAT!! I LOVE THEM! I had them done by a friend of a friend and I could not be happier! Her name is Crissi and she and another friend have a cute little store..The Paisley Gator ( She has some adorable stuff...I already told her to expect some more orders from me as football season approaches:)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Summer Road Trip and 4th of July

We headed out last week for our summer road trip first to Alabama then over to Atlanta for the 4th of July! The boys did not do so well with the car ride this time around. They only slept about 30 minutes up to Bama and about 30 minutes home from Atlanta...then proceeded to scream the last hour of the trip home! Needless to say our car was not a fun place to be on Sunday afternoon!

After spending a few days with Daryl's family we headed over to Atlanta to see some of my old friends, all who just happen to be current or former Delta flight attendants whom have all had babies in the last year! It was so great to see everyone and all their little ones! Our good friends Margo and Mike had a BBQ on the 4th and all the babies played together! It was funny to see all of us in a room full of babies...just 5 years ago we would have been hanging out at a local bar living the single life and now we are all mommies! Very surreal for me:)

All and all the trip went pretty well. WE did have a little mishap with Cameron though. He decided he was going to get into a fight with a very large coffee table...and well the coffee table won unfortunately:( Poor guy caught the corner of it and it missed his eyeball by a millimeter maybe? It was awful! The second it happened he had a HUGE lump and a cut. I would have taken him to the ER but Daryl's sister is an RN and she assured me it wasn't necessary. He's got a pretty bad shiner right now but it didn't phase him a bit. Uncle Bo told him it would make him grow whiskers seeing as he was so tough! No whiskers yet Uncle Bo!!

Oh and Carter enjoyed his first Rib in Alabama as well. He chewed on that thing until there was no meat left! He really is just like his Daddy!!