Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Walking 101

Well Cameron is pretty much full on walking and Carter is a few steps behind! My life is now officially more stressful with 2 toddlers "walking" around my house!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

" Hey Dad..let's get a picture of you with all the boys!"

YA RIGHT!!!!! Total chaos trying to get a 2year old, two 1year olds and a 60 year old to look at the camera and sit still!!! LOL

Happy Fathers Day....another look back

I guess since I am the only one who posts on here I will speak for Daryl and say that he had a good Fathers Day! On Saturday my mom, Dad, and brother all came over throughout the day to watch the boys while Daryl and I headed out with our friends to Disappearing Island. It was so much fun to be able to spend the day together without the boys...not that we don't love having them around but every parent knows a little time away from babies is a necessity to a marriage!! LOL! Our friends Tracy and Al invited us out on the boat for a day of floating, boating and a little adult beverage consumption. It was about 100 degrees outside so good thing we spent the whole time floating...although we were a little pruned at the end of the day! Gotta give a big thanks to my family for watching the boys all day:)

Meanwhile on Sunday we had the family over for some BBQ that Daryl had been smoking all day long. That was actually a treat for Daryl because he loves to BBQ!
The boys made Daddy a very special framed picture collage of themselves. They even finger painted the matt..well I helped out quite a bit but still!! I took pics of the boys holding the letters D-A-D and framed it so it spelled out DAD! (totally stole the idea from some other moms!) I think Daryl was very pleased:)

I had to post a pic of Daryl holding the boys back when they were in the NICU just to show how much has changed in the last year...WOW!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our New Chairs

So last week I wandered into Big Lots to kill some time before meeting with Amber for her photo shoot and stumbled across some toddler chairs. Now for months now I have been wanting to get the boys Pottery Barn Kids anywhere chairs but just couldn't see spending that much money on chairs that they may or may not want to sit in. If I were buying one, I could see it but not two! Any the chairs I found at Big Lots are IDENTICAL to the PBK ones and about 1/3 of the price:) The chairs were only $25 each! Now I am sure the PBK ones are far better quality but seriously for what I need them for, these will do just fine:) And to top it off..the boys love them! Now I just have to find someone to embroider the boys' names on them and we will be all set!
Oh and they are the perfect Gator blue so we will be embroidering the boys names in orange...much to Daryl's dislike! hehe!!