Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

We took the boys to our favorite pumpkin patch over the weekend. A little different this year with the two of them running around and me trying to get pics. And family pics, well you can just throw that out the window for the next few years!! Enjoy:)

18 Months Old

Seriously? They are a year and a half! How did that happen??

The boys are your typical 18mth old toddlers these days...into EVERYTHING!! But it is amazing how different their personalities have become! Carter is the sweet, lovable, snuggle bug and Cam, well....not so much!! He is a spitfire! Defiant, mischievous, but funny as all get out! He's turned into a bit of a bully to his brother. Whatever Carter has, Cam wants and will get no matter what. My friend Amber gave us a train table a few weeks back and they are totally obsessed with it! We finally had to glue everything together and glue the tracks down to the table because literally every hour the track was destroyed and all parts ended up on my living room floor. For a neat freak and an OCD organizer that becomes a HUGE problem for me!! LOL!!

Carter's vocabulary has literally exploded over the last few weeks. He tries to repeat pretty much anything you say which amazes me because Cam was the one who showed signs of talking first and now he has kind of slacked off a little bit. And that's how it's been for every developmental milestone around here. Some of Carter's words are Choo choo for his train, Ball, Pablo (from his fav. show), Go, Banana, mama, dada, dog, moo (for cow), boo (for book) See, Quack Quack (for duck) and MMM (for good when he is eating). We are working on Gator but all I get is Didi. Oh and they both like to put their shoes on and wave and say bye bye but it comes out as Dye Dye! So cute!!

They have conqured the stairs thanks to cousin Hayden showing them the way! They will climb all the way to the top but haven't figured out the way down just yet! Not to worry though, this only happens if mommy is on the stairs with them. Otherwise the stairs are gated!!

They have also become obsessed with books and their See and Say. Finally!! Before if you gave them a book they would just bite it and try to eat it. But now they sit on the floor, empty out the book basket and "read"! They love for you to hold the See and Say and pull the lever but don't ask them to do it...they will not have it! YOU have to do it for them!! Which you can imagine sitting on the couch for hours pulling a lever to hear animal sounds and Old McDonald play over and over again can become a little annoying!!

Much needed update!!

Once again my Grandmother has scolded me for not updating the blog in over 2 weeks!! I'm sorry!!!!! But the word BUSY does not even begin to describe what life has been like in the R household!!

So much has been going on that I really don't know where to start. So lets see, a few weeks back we had our twins group fall festival and that was lot's of fun! I took pics for the event and they came out great. If you want to see a few check out my photography blog at www.andrearichburgphoto.blogspot.com.

The following week was filled with playdates and the usual weekday things that keep me ridiculously buys. That following weekend we had a bit of a speedbump. See I was scheduled to hold my pumpkin patch sessions that Sunday. Daryl came home that Friday with news that he would have to head up to Alabama first thing Sunday morning to be with his family for his dads emergency surgery. I am happy to report that his Dad seems to be doing much better now!! yay! But that left me alone with the boys for 3 days with a full day of photo shoots. Thankfully my wonderful friends stepped up to babysit! But let me just give a shot out to single moms!! That is tough, I mean REALLY tough to do and I hope to God I never have to experience that full time!! And to mom's whos husbands travel all the time...big props to you too!! Whew what a weekend! And of course after the photoshoots I had photos of 6 families to sort through and edit. I am FINALLY finished with all of it! Learned my lesson on that one and I will never do that again! 6 in one day, 6 in 4 hours is CRAZY!!! Oh well live and learn I suppose!! So that has really occupied the little bit of free time I have had over the last few weeks!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Another Succesfull Splash Park Trip

And I have pictures to prove it this time! We met up with our friends at a local splash park today and had a great time. The weather has been sooooo HOT here this week. Such a bummer seeing as it's October and supposedly Fall and everything! We have record breaking highs this weekend...yuck! I am ready for some cooler weather around these parts! So hopefully this will be our last trip to a splash park until next summer.

Carter loved it once again and Cameron continued his disinterest in the water. Cam did however get a bit of a shocker when he didn't realize he was standing right on top of a fountain that was about to splash water up on him! It was the kind that go down for a few seconds (maybe 10) and then splash back up. I saw it coming but when you have two toddlers it's nearly impossible to save them both from all the little things! Let's just say he was none to thrilled about it going up his nose!

Friday, October 2, 2009

First Trip to the Zoo

A few other twin moms and I met up at the Sanford Zoo today. I have to say I was not impressed. I have not been to this zoo since I was in grade school and I can tell you that not much has changed! I think the little ones had fun but it was very hard for them to see the animals sitting in the strollers. We spent some time watching the elephants, the kids seemed to like them.
The zoo has a cute little splash park that we tried out as well but myself and Kristy spent the whole time chasing all the boys around since there was no gate....note to all splash park and playground operaters....please GATE OFF your areas!!!

As we were leaving we hopped on the little train that goes around the zoo and the boys seemed to enjoy that too. They were a little hesitant at first but after a few minutes on the train they came around! All in all it was a fun day with our twin friends:)

Spaghetti Face

It never gets old. I love a good spaghetti faced baby picture!!