Saturday, March 28, 2009

Beach Pics are up

Go to our Shutterfly share site.. link is over to the right:) Enjoy!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

What A Week!

Oh I don't even know where to start! Daryl has been out of town this week so my friend Jen Howes came in from Atlanta to help me out with the boys. I would not have survived this week without her! We were so busy and did so much so this may end up being the longest post I have ever made! ahha!!

First I have to say Happy 1st Birthday to Kendal! We went to her birthday party last Saturday and it was a great time! Kendal's mom went above and beyond to make her party special and we were so glad to be a part of it!

Sunday I dropped Daryl off at the airport and picked up Jen at the same time! Very convenient for me:) Then Jen, the boys and myself headed out to the Winter Park art festival! It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. We sat outside and ate lunch at the Briarpatch and the boys did pretty well.

Then on Tuesday we headed over to Melbourne Beach to see our great friend Shelley who lives over that way. Shelley, Jen and I were all in Delta Flight Attendant training together and have managed to stay very close over the years. It was to boys first time at the beach and it was priceless! Cameron loved the sand and loved crawling around and playing in it. Carter...not so much! Cried anytime you would put him down. It was not the most ideal conditions at the beach that day. They had 30 mile per hour winds and a lot of man of war had washed up on the beach. The seas were really rough, although not that I would get in the water anyways! It was great for us ladies who just wanted to relax on the beach but not for babies who fell asleep within 20minutes of being there. It was too windy to put them down on the blankets, they would get covered in sand! OYEVEY!
I did manage to get some amazing pictures all of which I have to still convert to smaller files and do some editing to. I don't have it in me tonight to do that but hopefully by this weekend I will have a chance:) I also did a mini photo shoot with Shelley and her youngest on the beach! Got to keep practicing!

The rest of the week we ran errands, shopped, ate great food and just hung out. I am literally pooped! I don't think I have slept more than 5 hours each night so needless to say, Daryl is scheduled to arrive home around 10pm tonight and he is without a doubt....on FULL TIME DADDY DUTY for the entire weekend!!!!!

OH and to make this post even longer...the boys are 11 months! In less than 4 weeks they will be ONE! AAAGHGHH!! They continue to amaze me everyday! Cameron's newest thing is playing in the mirror! He cracks himself up. I need to get it on video one of these days. Carter has become a bit of a wimp...haha! Very clingy to me and not trusting of new people or situations! Apparently Daryl was exactly the same way when he was a baby! FIGURES!!!

Here is a sneak peek of the pics from the beach....In my opinion the pic of Cam is freaking awesome!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Finally moving to the real Bathtub!

So what right? Well for us it is a big deal because I have tried for a very long time to get the boys in our bathtub for bath time but every time was a disaster. Screaming, kicking, flailing, you name it they did it. It was quite traumatic, at least for me. So I have been bathing them in the giant ducky tub on the kitchen counter but they are getting too big for that. I'm sure for a baby our bathtub is's big and deep with jets and all...that would scare me if I was only 30 inches long!! Cameron is definitely handling it better than Carter. You get a little whimper from Cam but it passes quickly! He seems to actually like splashing around with the water. Now Carter is another story. He hates it and makes sure that you know he hates it with the loudest screaming known to man!! Hope he gets over it quickly before I have permanent hearing damage:<

Quick update on Cameron

Sorry it has taken me over a week to update.....

We were fortunate enough to get a call from the Neurologist last week that they had a cancellation and were able to squeeze us in! So the Neuro does not think it is seizures, thank God, but we are still going forward with the EEG test just to make sure. He also wants to make sure that there is not something else going on to trigger Cam to move his head the way he does. I will know more after his test on April 2nd and will definitely keep everyone updated.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cameron + Carter + Parade = BAAADDD!!!!

Who doesn't enjoy a good parade now a days? Well apparently Cam and Carter don't!!! OH boy was it bad. They really don't like loud noises and I assume that most babies don't but for some reason our boys REALLY don't like them!

We headed out to the Winter Park St. Patricks Day parade today and yes I know that St. paddy's day is over a week away but for some reason the city does this. It was a lot of fun and we met up with our friends Alyssa and Shari, both who are flight attendants for Delta. They had the usual fire engine and police cars...boys hated those, the bagpipers...boys hated those, classic cars who's horn did that Awuugga kind of horn....boys hated those too! It was actually kind of funny but I did feel bad for the little guys. Cameron was the worst and Daddy actually had to hold him for the whole parade.

We also got a new ride for the boys this weekend thanks to my dad! (thanks DAD!!!) I could not stand my old stroller and anyone that has seen it or been with me when I have it knows what a monster the darn thing was. Plus I felt like it was really uncomfortable for the boys. So we ended up getting a side by side which I said I would never do but I absolutely love it so far! We got a Combi Twin Sport in Wasabi. IN addition to new strollers we had to finally break down and get new car seats for them as well. They have outgrown their infant carriers so we had to "upgrade" to a big boy seat! So needless to say Babies R Us made a lot of money off of us this weekend...BUT.... I am quite proud of myself for saving a whopping $150 in coupons!! We got 30% off of the stroller and 20% off of the carseats! Woohoo!!

ON a side note...we got some not so good news on Friday. Cameron has to see a neurologist to rule out possible seizures. He has been doing a funny thing with his head over the last few Weeks where he shakes his head back and forth like 4-5 times in a row. I was able to get a video of it and after my doc saw it she wasn't sure enough to say yay or nay and felt like we should see the specialist. She did say it's a 99% chance it's absolutely nothing but still scary for mommy. I cried like a baby in the exam room when she told me and then I cried the rest of the afternoon but thankfully I have a very levelheaded husband who always has a way of calming me down with things like this... Anyways we have to wait until March 31st to see the neuro doc which ticks me off but it's the first avail. appt that they have. And if you google Pediatric Neurologists in Orlando you don't have very many options! So we could use a little prayers for Cam if you don't mind:)

Poor Cameron

Not happy babies

The bottom lip was out the whole time!!!