Saturday, December 12, 2009

One Huge Meltdown and Two Hours Later.......

Yes you read that right. We waited in line for almost 2 hours to see the "Best" Santa in Orlando! Why you ask? Oh I don't know...because I'm an idiot maybe!! LOL!! He is a cool Santa...very vintage old school Santa! But worth waiting 2 hours to see him only to have your children totally traumatized? Ahh I don't think so!

We all did great (I say all because Daryl was there too and not so thrilled about waiting) right until we were about 2 people away from meeting the big guy! I don't know what happened exactly but Carter threw an official temper tantrum right there in the front of the line! I mean threw himself down on the floor, screaming and kicking! Nothing would help so I knew we were pretty much S-O-L for the Santa pic! Well of course as expected all hell broke loose as soon as we sat them down!! All we could do was laugh about it and hope for a better outcome next year!