Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our visit from the "Baby Whisperer"

One of my great friends, Jen Howes, came in from Atlanta over the weekend to visit and meet the boys. I have known Jen since our Delta flight attendant training back in 1997. I call her the baby whisperer because the boys were so enamored with her!
It was also my first chance to have a girls night even if I only lasted until 10pm it was still fun!! My friend Shari who was also in Delta training with us came along too!!
Now our picture cracks me up because we look like an Oreo cookie with me of course being the cream in the middle because I am practically see thru I am so white and they are so freaking tan! Uggh I need some sun.... FAST!!


And they could not be cuter!! Carter gave me the side smile this morning so I couldn't really get a good shot but Cameron was all smiles for mommy after his morning coffee kicked in if you know what I mean!! hahaha

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wow, things must have been really bad on Saturday

They even had to have Hayden help out with the boogie sucker!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy One Year Anniversary to US!!!

Our one year anniversary is tomorrow but we had to celebrate it last night! We went to an early dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Bonefish, then went to a movie. We saw the movie Hancock which I thought was really good! The movie theatre was packed out since the Batman movie had just come out!
And we had quite the line up of babysitters for the night. It started out with my mom who came over to watch them until my brother and sister-in-law could get over there. I gotta give my mom some props cause she watched them by herself and I was very proud of her for that. I mean it has been 30 years since she has had to take care of any babies so she is a little rusty ya know? Then once my bro got there, they called in reinforcements and had my dad come by!! They didn't need the reinforcements, I am just busting their chops!
They say it takes a village and boy soes it ever!!

What a year we have had! Let's see here is what we have done in the last year.....
1. D started new job
2. We move to Atlanta
3. We get married
4. We get pregnant.....
5. We ALMOST buy a house- yikes!!
6. We find out we are not only preggers, but its twins AGGHHH
7. We move back to Orlando!! yay
8. We have 2 babies
9. D starts another new job!
10. I quit Delta :(

WOW... just WOW!!

Our little "men"

Last Thursday we went up to our former workplace to visit some friends and have lunch. It was really the first time I actually dressed the boys in something besides onesies because frankly they havn't fit into anything except onesies. It was soooo damn cute!
I do have to mention that I had to change Cameron's outfit as soon as I put it on because inevitably he spit up on it right as we were done getting dressed. And it was one of those bad spit ups with chunks and all! OH ya... welcome to my world!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

That's my babies!!

So for everyone who has said that I was just an incubator....... here are some baby pics of me to compare with the boys. In my opinion Carter really favors me in the one picture. Not so much with Cameron but there are still likenesses. So there!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Spit up = Baby Zantac

So we went to the doctor today because the boys have been spitting up a lot lately! And we know that babies spit up but this has been a little excessive. Sometimes even projectile that flies across the couch. And yes my couches are now officially ruined so those will be being replaced once they get a little older! So in order to help the situation they have to be on baby Zantac! Already they have mommy and daddy's bad tummies! Sorry guys!
Good news is that Carter is up to 10lbs and Cameron is at 9 and the Doctor was very impressed with their weights because we were just there 3 weeks ago and they have both put on a pound a piece! Grow baby grow!!!
We have also decided that Carter will be the fullback on the football team and Cameron will be the running back!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Our test drive of the Bebe Pod seats

We sat in our BEBE POD seats for the first time today! Carter loved it! Cameron not so much but I think its because he is a little smaller and not as strong yet. Carter's eyes were HUGE the whole time, like he was making a huge discovery, which in his world I am sure it was!
The pic of Carter with Murphy is my absolute favorite. His expression is so matter of fact almost like he is bored or something! hahaha

Monday, July 7, 2008

We got a Wii and a Wii Fit!!

And I love it! Not that I am into video games or anything, but this system is really fun. I know most people have probably had their Wii's for a long time but I just jumped on the bandwagon.
The Wii Fit is my attempt to get back into shape without joining a gym since I have absolutely no time to go to the gym. We got the Wii Fit game on Thursday and tried out all the games on that. But with this weekend being so busy today was the first time that I actually did a full workout and I was pooped!! I broke a sweat in my living room underneath a ceiling fan. Now it's either a sign of a good workout or I am just really out of shape from this pregnancy!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Playing together, well almost!

The boys are sorta playing together on thier play mat. I don't think they are really aware of each other just yet but it's fun to watch them none the less!

Just too sweet for words

Umm, love love LOVE these pictures. Cameron is holding on to Carter's leg while he is sleeping and Carter is looking at him like get off me. I can just picture Carter trying to shake his leg to get Cameron off!!

Pics of Cameron rolling over

Just to prove the non believer's out there.... here is photograhic evidence!! haha!!

Happy Birthday GiGi

Today was my Grandmother's 82nd birthday. I don't think she will mind if I tell her age!! hehehe!! We celebrated at my Dad's house with some yummy food and cake! It was also the first time that their cousin Hayden really took any interest in them so it was pretty neat. Except when he decided to throw 2 mini cheerio boxes at them, other than that it was great!! Of course that might explain the look of fear in Cameron's eyes in that picture. He does that a lot and I am not sure why!

Happy 4th of July

We had a great 4th of July weekend! It was very busy that's for sure! Friday we celebrated with our friends Al, Tracy, Scotty and Danielle at the Conklin's house for a bbq in the afternoon then ended the evening back at our house with friends to watch local fireworks.
Then we celebrated the 5th of July with a block party in the neighborhood with more fireworks, food and adult beverages! The boys did not like fireworks at all!! We had them in the hatchback with us and the first firework that went off was quite startling so we had to move them inside for the rest of the show. Don't think they minded since they slept the whole time!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Don't know what you got till it's gone!

I have been without Internet access since last Friday and I have been going crazy!! Long story short, brighthouse claimed that it was something wrong with our computer and that everything was fine on their end! So we were all ready to completely reconfigure our computer which meant we had to back up all of our files and pictures and such! Which I should do on a regular basis anyways but you don't think about that until something happens ya know? But last night my intuitive husband thinks to hook up his xbox 360 to the modem to see if it got a connection and it didn't! Sooooo it was the modem! I got a new one today and just plugged it in and VIOLA!! I now feel connected to the rest of the world!!