Friday, May 30, 2008

I just want to SLEEP!!!

It's official, we have night owl babies! They sleep like champs during the day, going 4 hours between feedings but I swear when the clock strikes 12am they are wide eyed and bushy tailed!! Want to eat every 2 hours, they want to fuss and grunt and scream... it's great!! Poor Daryl has to go back to work next week and I feel for him because I don't know how he is going to function. Everyone says to take shifts during the night. Well that would be great if we only had one baby. You can't really take shifts when there are 2 because inevitably one will wake up while you are taking care of the other... trust me!!!

I swear I have pictures, just not enough time to post because as I type I hear the soothing sounds of 2 babies screaming downstairs. Gotta go!!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

We're HOME!!!

Yay! It felt so good to finally bring the boys home on Thursday. They are settling in to their new home pretty well I suppose. The first night was rough, I mean NO sleep for either of us. Last night was considerably better because we both actually got sleep finally. The stinkers are not on the same schedule with each other. One will sleep, other will fuss and so on and so on. So that makes it a little challenging.

They had their first pediatricians appointment on Friday too. Everyone oohs and aahs over twins. Its really cute. Although I already had my first encounter with the "stupid question". We were leaving the hospital and a man came up to me, looked right at the IDENTICAL twins and says to me.... " Is that twins or something?" I wanted to say "NO, we just happened to have 2 babies that are exactly the same- but their not twins" but I refrained and gave him the polite "Yes they are!" Guess I better get used to it.

I will post some pictures when I have some time. And they mostly sleep and eat and poop so there hasn't been much to take pictures of ya know??

Thanks again to everyone who kept Cameron and Carter in their thoughts and prayers! I think it worked!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Car Seat test drive!

One thing that they do in the NICU before you can take your baby home is do a test drive of your car seat. Well they don't really take it for a drive, but they do put the baby in it and monitor all thier vital signs for an hour and a half. It was really cute to see them in thier digs. Here is a pic of Carter trying it out!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So as of today, if nothing changes, the boys will both be coming home on Thursday!! That will be exactly one month from the day that they were born! What a nice one month birthday present!! We are soooo excited but now I am freaking out again. Kinda like I did before they were born. Have I forgotten something that they need? Do I have enough bottles, blankets etc.etc.... I am sure we are good to go but I can't help having that feeling!!
Oh and if you are a man you might want to stop reading right now.............

The boys are having their circumcision tomorrow- ouchie!!! I feel so bad for them and I hope to God it's not too painful for them!

We will keep everyone posted on the homecoming! YAY!!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Buddies for life

I finally managed to get some pics of the boys with both of them awake together!! They also spent some time in the arms of their "G.G." (great grandma Scalise)

Monday, May 12, 2008

A week to 10 days! YAY

While I was at the hospital today I finally got to see the boys neonatoligist, Dr. Palma. He said we probably need another week to 10 days at the most to get the boys eating and they will be all ready to go home! So we should have our guys sometime next week! Keep praying!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

We celebrated our first Mother's Day today! The boys even made me a card! I think the nurses may have helped them but they did their footprints all by themselves!! hehehe!! Daryl did good today as well, he got me a gift certificate to a SPA to have a massage!! Woohhooo!! As soon as my incision heals I am all over that!

Good news on the feeding. They both took 2 full bottles today. The feeding with us only took about 15 minutes for each of them and that's really good! Now if they can do that for every feeding we can go home!!!

It looks like a very strong possibility they might get to go home by memorial day weekend! That would be a 4 week stay total. Here's hoping!
I hope everyone had a great Mother's day!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The sweetest thing I think I have ever seen

When we got to the hospital today we arrived to the most precious thing I have ever seen. They finally moved the boys out of seperate incubators into their very own crib. And they are sharing it!! OMG!!! After we held them for a while I just stood there and stared at them! It was amazing!!

I also got my first projectile poopy that my friend Jen Burg was telling us about. Carter had a big poopy in his diaper when I got there and apparently was not finished because as soon as I wiped that cute little tooshie... BAM..... hello poop flow. Kinda like the soft serve ice cream machines!! LOL- sorry if that's TMI!!!It just kept coming and coming. Of course Daddy changes Cameron with no poopie whatsover. NOW.... thats because he was saving it for after Daddy was holding him. I smelled something when we were wrapping them back up and putting them back into thier beds. Daryl thought we should save it for the nurse but since I am a nice mommy I didn't want my baby sitting in poop for God knows how long. So not only did I get projectile poop from Carter, I then got it from Cam too. But this time I gave him a good 10 minutes to finish before I changed his diaper for the third time! AHH-good times, good times!!

I also got to attempt a bottle feed with Carter since he seems to be taking to the bottle more than Cameron. They are working with them every day so they can learn the suck, swallow, and breathe reflex. They have to have that down before we can take them home! Start eating boys!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kangaroo care

We got to do our first Kangaroo care last night and it was really neat! It felt so good to have them both so close to us finally. I also got to change Cameron's diaper and thankfully he decided to hold off on the poopy! (thanks buddy) I posted some pics below.

They are still doing good. They have both lost a little weight but that happens to all newborns. Nothing to be alarmed about. Daryl and I are going again tonight to see them.

It seems to be getting a little harder to leave them each time. I just want them home so badly but I want them healthy too. Keep sending your thoughts and prayers to the boys. They really need them!

1 week and Kangaroo Care

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John Travolta.... I mean Daddy and Carter kangarooing