Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our First Christmas

What a whirlwind of a week! We headed out on Monday to Alabama to spend time with Daryl's family. Christmas Eve is a big tradition up there so we got to enjoy that with all of them! The boys were totally spoiled as to be expected! They got lots of toys and goodies from everyone! The drive up there was a little hairier than the last one but my Mom got us a portable DVD player and a Backyardigans DVD and it literally saved the day! The thought of getting a DVD player never really crossed my mind since they are so young but man did it come in handy! They didn't sleep as much as the last time either so that made the drive a little longer as well.

We woke up around 4am on Christmas day to head back to Orlando so that we could enjoy Christmas with my family. We are totally exhausted but it was all worth it!

Santa brought something extra special for Carter....his two lower front teeth! And it looks as though there are little nubbs coming in on both sides of those teeth as well. Not sure if it's the other teeth or part of the 2 front ones but none the less we finally have teeth! No sight of toofers on Cam but I am sure within the next week or so we will see some popping through!

Oh and they had thier 8mth bday on Christmas Eve! They have really made a lot of strides over the last month or so. They are finally sitting up but you have to be close by since they are a bit weeble-wobble like. And I know I have been saying that they are going to crawl any day now but seriously, any day now! They have been rocking on all fours for about a month now so we shall see.

We are "trying" to introduce some table type food. Mostly just the little Gerber puffs that melt in thier mouth but watching them try to pick them up and put them in thier mouths is hilarious!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Neighborhood Christmas Parade.

We got to enjoy the annual Hollowbrook Christmas parade yesterday. It was short but really cute and the weather was great, nice and chilly to get us Floridians into the Christmas spirit. Santa came by on a big Fire Engine and some of the neighborhood churches and groups make floats and pass out candy. Our neighbor decoarted his speed boat with a big blow up Santa and his helpers.
It's funny to watch the boys expressions with these kind of things. They seem so focused trying to take it all in. Almost like they don't know what to think of it all!! Which I am sure they dont!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

The boys meet Santa Clause

And all went well! My friend Stephanie came with me just incase I needed some back up but the boys did great. Now they look none to thrilled to be on some strange guys lap but they didn't cry so I was really happy. When we got there a little boy was having a meltdown and Cameron started to whimper and I thought it was all over. Luckily I distracted him and they remained calm the whole time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Strong Like Bull


The boy's first Christmas tree


WOOHOOOO!!!! We had a big party at our house on Saturday to celebrate the SEC Championship game between Alabama and Florida. Now for those who don't know already, I and the rest of my family and MOST of my smart friends are all huge Gator fans! But Daryl, well he is an Alabama fan. And it was not a good day for him! We were definitely a house divided. Even the boys were! Cameron wore Alabama colors and Carter wore Gator colors. The only way I was able to choose was based on the bears that our friends Rick and Ruth got them back before they were born. They had 2 build a bears personalized and one was a Bama fan and the other a Gator fan! A little foreshadowing there on Ruth's part!! haha!!

The boys had a rough time at the start of the game. The screaming and sudden noises really upset them at first but then they got used to them after a while. They are so much more aware of everything around them and they seem to scare a lot more easier now.

We had a great time at the party! Although I had an incredible stomach ache through the whole game because I was so stressed out but with about 1 minute left in the game I knew we had it won! Now the Gators are off to Miami for the National Championship game against the Oklahoma Sooners! GO GATORS!!!!