Monday, August 24, 2009

Another GOMOTT playdate

WE had a great turnout today at our playdate, about 17 kids and 8 moms! Some of the GOMOTT moms met up at Amaya Papaya and all the kids had a great time! Carter was a little cranky, rephrase that, a lot cranky for most of the time but after he had lunch he loosened up a bit. Cameron loves playing in the play grocery store that they have and Carter likes to hang by the train table! Cameron also loves pushing the little chairs all around the place. His friend Chase decided to join in on the fun and they had a little race! It was adorable!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wow I need to update!!

Sheesh I have not posted a blog update in 2 weeks!! I'm surprised I haven't recieved an email from my Grandmother yet!!

A lot has been going on here, mostly stuff that's work related for both Daryl and myslef. Daryl got a new postition at ADP, well it's the same position with additional responsibilites. So that has required him to spend a lof of time studying for his series 6 test coming up this Monday. (He had a series 7 that just expired a month before he got the new position...grrrr)

And the other big news on the Richburg front is the start of Andrea Richburg Photography. I have been playing with the idea for over a year now and just over the last mew months really settled down and started working on it! The website is up and I am open for business...officially! And unfortunatley for my friends that means no more free photo shoots!! haha!! sorry gang!!! Wish me luck because I am quite nervous about it!

The boys are doing great! We have been doing a lot of playdates but I have no pictures from them! We have been spending a lot of time at a very cool new indoor play lounge that recently opened up near our home. The boys have a blast there and it's nice and "somewhat" relaxing for me. It's pretty much baby proof and there is so much for the boys to do that I don't really have to worry about chasing them around somewhere!

Cameron is desperately trying to talk! Everything is DAH- then some other syllable at the end. Dah is for the following...Dadda, Doggie, Thank You, Eat, name it!! It's really cute! Carter still isn't trying to talk all that much but they say that' spretty common for twins!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pics from the weekend

Last weekend we got up nice and early and headed out to a local Farmer's Market. After meandering through the crowds of people with our double wide stroller we decided to let the boys run around the park for a little while! I got some great new pics of the boys. Every day Carter starts to look more like Daryl and Cameron becomes more and more mischievous! I swear you can see it in his eyes!! LOL

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Logo for my Photog Biz

Many of you already know this, but I have decided to start a Photography biz! I am very excited about this new adventure/chapter whatever you want to call it! I will be specializing in family, child, baby and newborn photography.
I was lucky enough to have a former colleague and friend design a great logo for me and wanted to share it on here! I hope to have the website up and running within the next two weeks...but not making any promises here! haha!!

Trouble Making at it's Finest!

So for a few weeks now the boys have been getting into the cabinet where I keep all of the plastic containers. It didn't really bother me, well except the mess I had to always clean up or the fact that I almost broke my ankle about 100 times in the kitchen stepping over all of the containers! Now keep in mind we had latches on these cabinets. Unfortunately the little stinkers figured out how to get them open so they did not good! Good news is I got some new latches over the weekend that work MUCH better so no more cabinet play for the boys:( I know I am such a mean mama!!