Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our House.....

A few months back I had posted that we put an offer in on a house. Well that one didn't work out but another house in the same neighborhood did and we are now homeowners!! Woohoo!! We actually closed a little over two weeks ago but I am just now getting around to posting about it!

it was a bank owned home so it needed a little work and some updating that seems to be taking over our lives as we know them! We decided to re tile the kitchen and the guest bath, with the master bath waiting until next year sometime. We have also painted every room except the living room/foyer/great room area because I actually like the color in there. And of course we have had to replace just about every chandelier and ceiling fan since they are all pretty much straight out of the 1980's! The yard needs a ton of work and we still have to redo the kitchen counter tops and install the new bathroom vanity...all before May 23rd..Moving Day! Oh I guess I forgot to mention that Daryl will be going out of town, AGAIN, FOR A WEEK!!! AAAAGGGG!!! So we are running out of time to get all of this done! Oh and I forgot the new carpet that has to be installed as well!! Luckily there is only carpet in the bedrooms and the dining room which will become a playroom instead! I'm ecstatic about the boys having an actual playroom instead of my entire living room being taken over with toys! Oh and there are no stairs....ALLELUIA!! No more lugging the boys up and down, no more worrying that they will fall on the stairs, and no more laundry upstairs!

We are definitely learning a lot of things about home improvement! I'm starting to get on a first name basis with all of the Home Depot employees! Not something one should brag about though!

I keep being asked for pics and trust me I have some pics (of course I do right?) but I am not posting any pics until I have the "after" pics to show how it is all supposed to look! So bare with me a couple more weeks and I will have something to show you!