Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to Survive a Move with Two 2 Year Olds and A Traveling Husband

Number 1. Have an amazing Dad that watches your two 2 year olds every weekend for almost an entire month
Number 2. Have AMAZING friends that give up their precious weekends to help you remodel, paint and move your entire house in a day
Number 3. Have an also amazing Mom who is really good at said painting and paints trim and cut's in like pablo picasso! Oh she and her husband also grout some tile like nobody's business!
Number 4. Have multiple move experience, and when I say multiple moves I mean more moves in the last 15 years to count on 3 hands people!! Ya I can pack a house like you wouldn't believe! I should start another business!
Number 5 and probably the most important of them all....... PATIENCE AND LOTS AND LOTS OF RED WINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew!! What a crazy ride this whole homeowning thing has been! But I have to say it feels so good to wake up everyday in "OUR" house and to see all of the hard work of the last month really pay off! I actually got that warm fuzzy feeling the first night that I was here looking around at our beautiful home (not much to some but to me it's the best!) I love it all...honestly! I love the new tile, the new colors in almost every room, the new carpet, the new appliances (thank you Craigslist), the new countertop finish, the new ceiling fans, the new light fixtures, the new bathroom vanity and the super cute pottery barn kids shower curtain that I've been eyeing for over a year not needing a shower curtain and being very sad about it. (old house had shower doors). I love that the boys new room is going to be thier big boy football house divided inspired room. I love the gallon and a half of Navy Blue paint that I had to apply to HALF of the boys wall!! Lesson learned...PRIME the walls ANDREA!!! I love the Alligator themed bathroom..sorry no Elephants in here!! LOL! I even love my super cluttered guest room/office space just because!!

I know most of the people that helped us don't read this but I also know that most of my family does and I am so grateful for everything that each and every one of them have done. If it weren't for my Dad I'm not sure how all of this would have gone down. If it weren't for my Mom our ceilings would have paint all over them and our baseboards would look like pooh. Oh and Daryl would probably still be laying grout! If it weren't for my insanely handy sister in law April poor Daryl would probably still be tiling too!!! LOL!!

There are pics on C & C's Shutterfly share site over to the right of the page if anyone is interested!!! I'm so glad that it's all over...NO's only just begun.... Poor Daryl's honeydew list is getting pretty long:)