Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

Well we had a very busy Easter weekend! It started out on Friday when I met up with a few of my twin mama friends at a local park for a huge Easter Egg hunt! I was hesitant to do this solo but everyone else was going so I thought what the heck! We even practiced egg hunting during the week! Well as expected, Cam loved it and Carter, well Carter hated it! I literally chased him all over the park begging him to take his basket to get some eggs! NOPE...not having it! Luckily my friend Amber joined us and her daughter is older so she was able to help me!

On Saturday we had my Dad, Grandma, Brother, Sis in Law and my nephew Hayden over for Daryl's world famous smoked ribs! WE were also able to take them over to see the new house and everyone really liked it!

Then on Sunday we headed over to my Mom's which is a bit of an Easter tradition for us. We always do brunch and a Easter Egg hunt there as well. That hunt went over just about as good as the first one! LOL!

The Easter Bunny was very good to the boys too! They each got a Mr. Potato Head, new toothbrushes, Peeps, new hot wheels cars, Thomas the train take along train, books, bubbles and a fun Egg light up toy.

It was a great weekend for our family and I hope it was for yours as well:)